Julie Tummonds, R.N. has a genuine care for me as a patient and has provided me professional services with an end goal of success as her driving force.  She is an asset to your team!

Cristy H., Barnard Dermatology Patient, Laser Hair Removal

Thank you for your incredibly generous donation of medical supplies-they will be invaluable here at the clinic. I have loved volunteering at this local free clinic during my time at Davidson and I am so thankful for your support of our efforts to bring quality medical care to the underserved community here. Thank you again!

Sophie C, A Barnard Dermatology patient

I hope you are aware that your reputation is that of the VERY BEST in the area. I am glad to have your expertise and skill and also appreciate your professional and respectful demeanor. I also appreciate your staff being sensitive to a possible problem when I called last month with a concern. I was fit into the schedule by Chantel. I was grateful for her action, but it is also to your credit that your staff is so well trained. So, thank you, Dr. Barnard! I do wish you well in your practice.

Suzanne H., A Barnard Dermatology Patient

Dr. Barnard along with the most professional and well trained staff provide the highest level of dermatology medical care. I can recommend them highly.

Dr. Arlen L., Barnard Dermatology Patient